How it Works

Ecocabs are a fleet of modern passenger tricycles operating a free shuttle service between 10am-7pm every day of the week from April 1st-December 31st.

How does it work? Read the FAQ below for more info:

  • How much did you say it costs to use?
  • ‘It’s free’
  • It's completely free?
  • 'Yes, it's completely free to all, always. You don't have to pay a penny!'
  • So how is it free?
  • It's free thanks to our kind sponsors who want you to enjoy the benefits of a fun and environmentally friendly journey. Essentially the sponsor of that Ecocab is paying for your trip! Pretty generous hey? So you know who to thank ;)'
  • Who are the sponsors?
  • 'Our sponsors are made up of companies and organizations- big and small, looking to market their brands or events while showing the public their "green" side. See the gallery for some examples of some of the past and present sponsors.'
  • Where can I get in an Ecocab?
  • 'Ecocabs take members of the public from designated 'pick-up points' within and around Dublin city centre. If not already in use on the streets, the Ecocabs will be at one of these points.' (see map)
  • Is there a limit as to how far I can go?
  • 'Ecocabs are designed to operate in the city centre only. This is the area that suffers the worst traffic congestion and can benefit from alternative transport. The operation area is roughly a 2km radius of O'Connell bridge. Ask your Ecocab rider for more info.'
  • Cool! And how much does it cost again?
  • ‘Haha it’s free!’

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